Aaron Leal was a training instructor at Castle Styrke.


He was a patient and caring individual, always ready to be there for his students. He had deep feelings for his family, and a strong sense of loyalty towards Armand Styrke.


He was a tall, well-muscled person, with cropped brown hair and brown eyes. He had several small scars from the various skirmishes he had been in.


He became a training instructor as soon as he reached the appropriate age, as he was a patient and skilled individual. After Deathbringer had been sighted with his children, he was sent as a messenger to the east, but was attacked by the green child of Deathbringer. There was a short fight, and then he was killed. The green dragon ate the majority of his remains.


He stays in a room at Castle Styrke.


His preferred weapon is the bow, and in close combat he prefers the sword or dagger. He prefers to use a square shield.