Abyss is the prison of Mortis. It is also known as the Mirror Realm and Twisted Mythos. All knowledge about it comes from The True Faith of Emiria.

There is a divine barrier between the Abyss and Mythos, so no gods can travel between these distinct worlds.


This realm is said to look however Mortis wishes it to appear.


The Abyss was created by Mortis when he was banished from Mythos by Neannu. The Abyss is Mortis' own personal, changed version of Mythos.


Just like the appearance of the realm, the lifeforms are said to depend on what Mortis wants to populate his world with. However, Mortis supposedly usually creates creatures like Harpies, Devils, and Abyssals who are all loyal to him. It is said that Mortis sometimes creates Demons just for the fun of seeing them rampage wildly.