Abyssals are entities in the Abyss.


Abyssals appear as winged pitch black spirits. They have small horns much like that of a ram. They live inside humanoid looking shells. These shells have large openings only on the facial area, so that the Abyssal can see. They have long, razor sharp spines on their shells. They have two sharp talons on their feet. They also have four fingers and one opposable thumb on each hand.

Some Abyssals, know as Free Abyssals, have no shell.


As they are not gods, these entities can travel freely through the barrier of the Abyss and Mythos. However, they are rarely sent to Mythos at all, by whatever power controls them.


Abyssals have not been known to reproduce sexually, but it remains unknown how they do reproduce. It may be that they are just independently created by Mortis or his Harbingers.