The Alfa are the High Elves of Emiria, a noble race now dwindling in numbers.
Alfa ranger

An Alfa Ranger


Alfa resemble humans, but there are several differences. They are generally taller, more elegant, and with slightly pointed ears. They are fragile, unable to take heavy blows, but fast- well-trained Alfa can draw blades and decapitate their foes before a human eye even registers the movement.

Their senses of hearing and sight are highly accurate, able to resolve images and sounds in great detail. However, they have no sense of taste or smell.

Also notable is the presence of only four toes on their feet.

They generally live for around 200 years, and never show any signs of aging other than the greying of their hair.


Elves are sapient, but emotionally and creatively unintelligent. They often misunderstand the mannerisms of other races, and fail to see the obvious in what others say.

In their speech, the subtle has more value than the apparent meaning of their words, so they will often talk poetically or in riddles.


Alfa culture is complex. They worship four gods- the gods of life, passion, knowledge, and ending.
Alfa mage

Alfa mage

They have strict rules, and never deviate from the accepted due to a mixture of fear for the consequences and fear of ending up like the Dark Elves. These include dress, in which both males and females grow their hair long, and they wear jerkins.

They are generally vegetarian, though the blood of some animals and also shellfish are considered delicacies.

They love beauty in all its forms, being master craftsmen and smiths of elegant objects.


The Alfa were the foremost Emirian race close to the beginning of Mythos' history.

They built great white cities with tall towers all over the land, and created many magical items and works of great beauty.

However, an event which they refuse to speak about occurred, coinciding with the appearance of the Dark Elves. The cities of the Alfa were laid low, their population decimated, and they had to flee to their woodland sanctuaries.

Notable Alfa cities included Vanira and Shallia. Modern sanctuaries include Silvertree and Dreamwood.

War and MagicEdit

Elves are magical creatures, on average more proficient than humans or the other races.

They used to fight large-scale, but in the present day most of their warriors are rangers and fight guerilla wars against their foes.