Dark Lord

Apacamoid Necrosis

Apacamoid Necrosis was the very intelligent and cold hearted necromancer ruler of The Dark Lords. He is dead.


Born in 3949, Apacamoid has been interested in Necromancy. His parents were killed when he was 10 as secret members recruiting new members from the Kingdom. They were caught and immediately executed. He vowed that one day he would learn how to transform them into Liches so he could be with them forever. However, he did try this once, and ended in a terrible failure. The flare he made when he was bringing back their souls actually burned the entire corpse. Ironically, he did not learn from his mistakes and did this twice, ending his chances of reanimating his parents as Liches. When he was 15, he was nominated as the ruler of The Dark Lords. He was the ruler of The Dark Lords. Apacamoid played a part in the War of Zeotriegn Beach, in which he died.

The author of the book "The Summonings", Zealot Hedroid claimed that Apacamoid released Exor into Mythos and was killed by Exor after attempting to control him.


Apacamoid had a long black staff that he always uses when he does necromancy. The top of the staff is modelled to look like a serpent. In the serpent's mouth is a Ruby Sphere. There is also a Carnelian Sphere in between the sepent's coils.


Like all Dark Lords, Apacamoid covered most of his body with a black robe. However, it is known that he had green eyes, black hair, and very light pale skin.


Apacamoid was very secretive, but when he spoke he was very critical and rude.