Arjuna Razmig was a male teenager who lives in House Styrke.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

He liked to pretend he was a hard, emotionless warrior, but that wass not so. He cared deeply for his family and friends, and had a high sense of chivalry. He could also become rather angry, aggressive and violent to people who upset him, or his enemies.

It is known that he was infatuated with Hasina Styrke.

He was tall for his age, with short, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. He was fair-skinned and had yet to gain any battle scars.


His mother, father and brothers were killed by Deathbringer when Arjuna was young, and so he was given a room in Castle Styrke, where he was raised by Armand. Since then, Arjuna has been training in the hope that one day he can confront and kill the fiend.

Unfortunately, when he did finally get the chance to confront Deathbringer, he was crushed to death, and his body remains in the Citadel.


He stayed at Castle Styrke, as he had been picked out for his skill in battle. He had the room next to Hasina.


He was proficient with a sword, axe and bow, and preferred a round shield.