The Armageddons are a race of Orcs native to the Taboo.


Armageddons are large, usually muscular, green skinned Orcs. Like most Orcs, their bottom jaws hold large fangs used as incisors.

Intelligence and CultureEdit

Although sapient, they act more primative than other more civilized Orcs. They believe they live to fight, and then die.


These beasts have a large town located on the South-East coast of the Taboo known as T'kar Narrus. Their ancestors were originally from the Northern Grasslands, but they were run out by Rollali. Because of this, Armageddons and Rollali are sworn enemies.



The town is ruled by the Armageddon king, Mal'far Equanix. He is a skilled fighter and very wise. The king makes all major decisions. However, the king can be overruled.


All Armageddons worship Balthos, god of war. However, at times they believe that Amora is one to be worshipped.


Armageddons are carnivores. They prefer Zeodragon meat.


Armageddons reproduce sexually. The "love life" of an Armageddon is much like that of a human's. They date, get married, have kids, however, they do not believe in divorces. At weddings, they perform a ritual to Amora, goddess of love. They believe if you do not love your partner anymore, Amora will put a curse on you.

Relationships With Other SpeciesEdit

Rollali --- The Rollali and the Armageddons are sworn enemies, as they ran their ancestors out of the Northern Grasslands

The Dark Lords --- These creatures are deathly afraid of The Dark Lords. Once they met each other. The Dark Lords attacked T'kar Narrus with a horde of undeads. Although the town survived the invasion, they are still very afraid of these Necromancers.