Armand Styrke was the ruler of House Styrke. The house got its name from his ancestors.


He was a kind, chivalrous individual, but could be ruthless in battle. He showed great sadness when his wife disappeared, and confided a lot in his daughter, Hasina. He had the belief that he serves his people, and not the other way around. He tried to empathise with his people's problems.


He was a tall and well-muscled individual. He had brown hair, and blue eyes, and is fair-skinned. He would have been handsome, but he had a large scar on his face, running down his right cheek, from a swordfight.


He told little about his wife, and had been wed to her for a very short period before she disappeared; suggesting she was pregnant before they married.

His daughter, Hasina, was his most treasured individual. However, he allowed her to train with other villagers, and have 'normal' friends, as he believed they should all be equal.


He was killed by one of Deathbringer's children in the 4002 destruction of House Styrke by Deathbringer.


He had, allegedly, the hardest, sharpest sword in the House. In addition, his shield is made from red dragon scales. These were acquired by his ancestors after the battle between Deathbringer and Dreadfire. The shield has been passed down through the generations without rusting, and despite having served in many battles, it has yet to be scratched. After his death, Hasina took the shield.