Matilda and Arra

Matilda and Arra

Arra is a human warrior, the best friend of Matilda. She is a strong individual.


Arra is a very attractive human woman, with blond hair and grey skin. For some reason, she always wears a tattered red skirt that reveals much of her left leg, and a top that is equally revealing. This is not because she is immodest: rather, these clothes hold a sentimental value for her.

She does not often wear shoes, prefering to do much of her work barefoot.


Arra is kind and caring, if a bit willful and stubborn at times.


Arra's parents were killed in a savage Orc attack when she was twelve. She was spared as a prisoner, and was being carried off to an Orcish village as a plaything. However, a band of human warriors rescued her. Having no home to return too, she insisted on joining them. These men trained her in the arts of war.

Arra eventually became a travelling mercenary, fighting such fiendish foes as the Frost Giants, Dark Elves, and Scorpiads. However, she met a new friend in the Wizard's City: the Dragon Matilda. The two of them performed a quest together, and have been close friends ever since. They are rarely separated.