Castle Styrke is the castle of House Styrke, where the Styrke family live.


The castle is surrounded by a square moat about 4 metres (13 feet) deep. There is a single wooden drawbridge as the only way across. Behind that is the gatehouse. The first gate is a large, iron one that is raised by pulling on ropes on the other side of it. The second gate is a thick wooden one, which can be pulled open from either side.

Behind this gate is a small, roofed, one-floor building. There are two small wooden doors, one on the left and one on the right, and a larger, open one leading into the main part of the castle. The two doors lead up to the walkways along the thick, stone walls of the tower. This structure takes up one corner of the castle, while the other three have tall, cylindrical towers, that can be accessed from the walkways.

The majority of the castle is a large, open, grassy space. However, several buildings stand against the castle walls. Near the gatehouse is a stable, where the horses owned by people living in the castle are kept. There is an armoury, which holds all sorts of weapons, shields and armour.

Part of the grassy area is cordoned off as a shooting range, and is used by many people, not just those who live in the castle.

The largest and grandest building is the living quarters. This building has several windows looking over the castle grounds. The main room serves as a lounge, and is the room you first enter, on the left side of the building. There is one door to the right, and one at the far end. The one at the far end leads into a long corridor, with several doors on each wall, and one at the end. These are the bedrooms of those living in the castle. Armand's is the one at the far end, and Hasina's is the one closest to Armand's on the right hand side.

The other door in the lounge leads to a large dining room that can seat up to twenty.

There is also a small, empty building in one corner of the castle grounds. The only thing in it is a staircase leading underground. They lead to a corridor, off which branches the kitchen, and servants' quarters. The servants' quarters are decent, though not as grand as those in the main living area.