Dark Elf
The Dark Elves (or Maltayathors in the elven tongue: Maltaya=Dark thors=elves) are an ancient, evil race. They are considered evil by most other races. They live in the west of Emiria, where they launch attacks on House Malyion. They also live on the island of Malta and on Jovulusio.


The Dark Elves closely resemble their kindred, the Alfa. However, their skin is dark, and their hair is white. Although they are not extremely muscular, they have a strength unrivaled by men, Dwarves, or other races.


The Dark Elves are extremely intelligent.



The Goddess Maltayr

Dark Elves have a society that honors killing, as they believe that the murder of their enemies brings honor to the God which they worship. They are led by the Archpriestess, a figure who is said to represent this God, and act on Her behalf. The god is believed to be Maltayr, the Olympian goddess of Dark Magic, whom the Dark Elves worship.


Centuries ago, a mysterious event decimated the Alfa. This was the action of an evil entity, slowly transforming their race. This entity is called simply the Evil by the Alfa, but the god Maltayr by the Dark Elves. Eventually, over half of the Alfa transformed into these bitter, hateful beings, and the rest retreated deeper into the forest. These new dark Alfa began to move all over Mythos. Some stayed on Emiria, while others went to sea and eventually found the island of Malta and Jovulusio.


Dark Elves, much like their elven cousins, can live far longer than humans. The average Dark Elf lives up to one-hundred and twenty years. The oldest recorded Dark Elf died at the age of 176.