- Deathbringer

Deathbringer is a Rage Dragon.


Deathbringer shares many biological features with other Rage Dragons, but also has differences. For a start, his eyes glow a startlingly bright blue. Why they do this is unknown.

The spikes on his cheek are more numerous, and the horns that form his frill are longer and harder, but more spread out. This is probably because his spine is much taller than that of other Rage Dragons, and as such prevents anyone from riding him, not that he would let them anyway.

His wings are three-clawed, instead of having one claw on each finger like other Rage Dragons. It is rumoured that his scales are even tougher than normal. He is also larger than any other Rage Dragon, at sixty metres long (200ft), and massing 35 tonnes.

His fire is hotter and has a longer range than other Rage Dragons. He can also breathe dark fire.

He has a variety of ways to ensure his survival. He can breathe in air and underwater, and has no known lifespan. Some say he has been around since the creation of Mythos, but no-one knows for sure.

Intelligence and PsychologyEdit

Deathbringer is sapient. However, he is a cruel and malicious individual, bent on death and destruction, and is also rather sadistic. His success at this goal is where he got his name from. He has never been known to show kindness towards anyone, other than his own children.

Deathbringer is an extremely clever individual. He is a master of logic and problem solving, as well as ambush hunting and battle strategy, though for the most part this is unnecessary.


Deathbringer is carnivorous, and causes maximum devastation on every hunting mission, and frequently picks on humans and their livestock.


Any combat against Deathbringer is futile. His scales are extremely resilient due to being infused with strong magic, and can withstand any assault from physical weapons and are immune to almost any magical attacks. He is relentless, but is also sadistic and often allows his victims to live, only because he knows he can always finish them off another time.


Deathbringer is a master of magic. He can call upon the four elements, the weather, and even the power of nature. He can create shields that only he has the strength to shatter, and is even capable of basic manipulation of atoms (i.e, controlling objects, disintegration).


See Deathbringer’s Citadel.

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