Drabardi Sagar is a fortune-teller that lives at House Styrke.


She always wears long, black robes that obscure all of her features except her hands. She wears a translucent black veil over her face.


Drabardi has never been observed showing particular feelings towards anyone, though it is rumoured she has a family.


Little is known of her history. During Deathbringer's most recent attack on House Styrke, it was revealed she gave Hasina Styrke a fake telling to get rid of her so that Minister Eldred could take control of the castle. As punishment, she was teleported away to an unknown location along with Minister Eldred.


She stays in Castle Styrke, and owns the room next to Minister Eldred.


Many people come to her to have their fortune told. She will perform this service in return for some gold coins. She does this by summoning a spirit she says resides in her 'crystal ball'. The ball itself is about the size of a football, and shines a bright blue.

As well as paid-for fortune telling, she also performs The Telling.