Dreadfire is an apparently deceased Rage Dragon. He was a malicious individual like Deathbringer, until Deathbringer apparently killed him.


He was very similar to a standard Rage Dragon, but had some differences. He has no tail flap, and a large number of horns extending backwards from the rear of the head. However, he has no spikes on his cheek.

In addition, his neck was very frilly. He had no claws on his wings.

He was about forty metres long, and weighed 25 tonnes.

Intelligence and PsychologyEdit

Dreadfire was sapient. He was cruel and malicious, and destroyed land and killed people at every possible opportunity. He was a master of logic, and problem solving, but not so much battle strategy. He preferred to dive in with all guns blazing (figuratively speaking).


He was carnivorous, and took particular pleasure in preying on people and their livestock.


Dreadfire was unbeaten in combat, until he came into conflict with Deathbringer, who apparently killed him.


Dreadfire was a master of magic, surpassed only by Deathbringer. He could everything a normal Rage Dragon could, but stronger.

In FictionEdit