Fire Giants are a type of Giant in Mythos.

A group of Fire Giants


Fire Giants are 4-6m tall and weigh up to a ton. They are solid creatures, with flesh of basalt and magma instead of blood. This also shines through cracks in the giant's hide.

They can expel gouts of lava at high speed, and use them to attack targets. In other cases, they can club foes with their fists.

Intelligence and PsychologyEdit

Fire Giants are low sapients, brutish and violent. They attack non-Giants on sight, and other Giants if they are bored.

They can create fine tools from their magma-heated forges. and their flaming swords are known too well by many of their victims.


Fire Giants live in great cities deep, deep under the world, in and around the Magma Ocean.


Tribes of Fire Giants emerged from the interior of Mythos, decided they preferred it below, and went back. They have created enormous cities of granite and basalt, and occasionally come up only to raid and destroy.

They sometimes ally with other Giants.