Frost Giant

A Frost Giant, preparing for battle.

Frost Giants (also known as Jotuns and Ettins) are a race of Giants that live in the Northern reaches of Emiria. They are mortal enemies of the Ironhall Dwarves and House Wintrey.


Frost Giants resemble mountainous humans, with blue skin and thick, white, and bushy beards. They can grow to be up to twenty-five feet tall.

These beings often wear small scraps of armor and Woolly Mammoth hide.
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Frost Giants fighting Dwarves during a raid.


Female Frost Giants are smaller than the males, generally standing only 15 feet tall. They resemble human females much more closely, although they still have a blueish tint to their skin. They generally live in warmer caves, and so wear little clothing. Every spring, both sexes will go into heat, and will begin to mate at every opporatunity. It is not unheard of for male Frost Giants to carry off and rape human females. Due to anatomical differences, the unfortunate women do not survive.
Giants Abduction

Giants abducting an unfortunate woman.


The Frost Giants are sapient beings, although this is not always recognized.


The Frost Giants have a violent culture, centered around the slaughter and obliteration of enemies.


The Frost Giants exist in a number of tribes, the largest of which ruled by Ymir the Broad.


Although not normally religious, some hold talismans believed to hold the spirits of their honored ancestors.


Frost Giants wield bulky but sharp weapons carved out of ice.

Relationships With Other RacesEdit

Dwarves - These two races are sworn mortal enemies.

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