The Gods were great deities that roamed Mythos. They had great powers. However they disappeared at some unknown time from the mortal world of Mythos.

Mortals name many (often with overlapping and contradictory roles) Gods as their deities, but not all are real. The Gods which truly exist are composed of Primordium.

Emirian and Zeotriegnian GodsEdit

Neannu, the Goddess of Life

Mortis, the God of the Dead

Balthos, the God of War

Amora, the Goddess of Love

Sophirios, the God of Knowledge

Exor, the God of Dark Magic

Rhaal, the God of Blood

Olympian GodsEdit

Miethos or Mythos, the Goddess of Creation

Rez, the God of Life and Death

Zayxl, the God of Magic

Maltayr, the Goddess of Dark Magic

Zianna, the Goddess of Nature

Altaria, the Goddess of Time

Gex, the God of Order

Zexariasa, the Goddess of Chaos

Ento, the Goddess of Peace

Helmaria, the Goddess of Knowledge

Tunapa, the God of Fire

Aqux, the Goddess of Water

Tyrana, the Goddess of Air

Ze, the God of Earth

Zorvathian GodsEdit

Ayaleva, the Allmother

Brovyark , the Allfather

Nocturna, the goddess of Death

Oriani, the goddess of Life

Palantea, the goddess of Nature

Bwagun, the god of War

Galactea, the goddess of Space

Daemonica, the god of the Underworld

Aquifrilia, the goddess of Water

Lunovrea, the goddess of the Moon

Mateagh, the god of the Sun

Spaegela, the goddess of Speed

Taevrolum, the god of Technology

Viorghal, the keeper of the Dead

Skylita, the goddess of Air

Nighvora, the goddess of the Night

Staemena, the goddess of Health

Supay, the god of Humor

Suthari, the goddess of Darkness

Pilavea, the goddess of Plagues

Freyae, the goddess of Friendship

Iluminae, the goddess of Light