The Harbingers of Mortis are a race of powerful individuals that reside with Mortis.
  • The black-winged Harbinger
  • The red-winged Harbinger
  • A painting of a Harbing of Mortis done by Alxed Voose


Harbingers appear as black-clothed humanoids, usually with large, semi-physical wings that are constantly glowing.

The seven Harbingers have different coloured wings; red, blue, green, yellow, black, purple and white.

They wield weapons, which are powerful but of unknown origin. These vary between individuals, being such things as maces, swords, scythes, a bow and a spear.

Intelligence and BehaviourEdit

Presumably sapient, the Harbingers are seen in the dreams of certain worshippers of Mortis. They speak here in quiet voices resembling 'the rustling of leaves' and do not move during the vision.


The weapons and wings of Harbingers glow with magical energy. They must be exceedingly powerful magicians.