Harle Wintrey
A painting of Harle Wintrey, the King of the North


The King of the North







Harle Wintrey is the King of the North and the lord of House Wintrey. He was 78 years of age and had three sons and a daughter at the time of his death, in 4004.


Harle is an old man. Grey of face and weak of body, he stays in his bedchamber, allowing only his advisor to communicate between him and the outside world. He is constantly wearing the sacred "Crown of Winter", and his hair has stopped growing, and even begun to fall out. He has dark grey eyes and a crooked nose, a scraggly white beard that connects his hair line to his chin.


Many describe Harle as "mad". He has lost a good portion of his wits while being cooped up in his bedchambers. He was sent there in 3997 because he was very ill after an attempted poisoning, he has remained in the chambers ever since. He relies on his advisor to communicate messages to the outside world, but many believe the advisor feeds him lies and twists his commands.


Harle's wife has been dead for ten years, killed in a raid while she was traveling south.

Harle's firstborn son, Jon, is 36 years of age, and is the heir to the throne.

Harle's second son is Halon Wintrey, and is 21.

Harle's only daughter, Katelyn Wintrey, is 17.

Harle's third born son and youngest child is Ryger Wintrey, a boy of 12.


Harle was a very proficient general of the battlefield in his day. He ascended the throne at age 40 and his first son was born to him at age 42. Harle helped strengthen ties between dwarves and humans, and often attended feasts at Ironhall in his youth. He has been in one or two battles against Frost Giants. Harle was unaware of the current political instability in Emiria, and was fed the lie that everything was fine by his advisor up until his death. Harle was murdered by a shapechanger named Ru on the orders of Ivan Carteret in 4004.