A harpy as painted by the mad painter Alxed Voose

Harpies are winged creatures from the Abyss. Like Devils, they are servants of Mortis. The True Faith of Emiria states that harpies are Mortis' twisted sexual fantasies made real. It also states that Mortis designed the harpies as a slight against Neannu and her womanly form.


Harpies are often grey-skinned. They have four talons on either hand. They are often depicted with blue hair and ram's horns. Harpies have two leathery wings and a muscled tail. They have no pupils. Harpies have the physical features of a human female and are usually barely clad in equipment such as leather. Harpies have fiery blood that steams when it meets the open air.

The True Faith of EmiriaEdit

The True Faith states that harpies are a product of Mortis' lust for human women and hate for Neannu and her holy womanly form.

Father MortisEdit

The tome Father Mortis states that Harpies are not creatures created out of Mortis' lust,but instead they were created due to Mortis' pity when he saw a group of bandits assaulting defenseless women on the road. To allow them to protect themselves, he turned them into the Harpies, which proceeded to drive off their attackers. As they spread asexually, Mortis had created a new race- women that can defend themselves against the tyranny and injustices of men.