Hasina Styrke is Armand Styrke's sixteen-year-old daughter. She is his only child and therefore his only heir.


Much like her father, Hasina is a calm, kind and thoughtful individual, but can be ruthless in battle. She has made lots of friends this way, also like her father.


She has long blonde hair and bright green eyes. She is tall for her age, and fairly slim.

Family and other relationshipsEdit

Her father, Armand, cared for her deeply, and she cared for him as well. She doesn't remember her mother, as she disappeared mere months after Hasina's birth. Armand was secretive to even her about his wife, and he was killed in 4002 when Deathbringer destroyed House Styrke.

It is also known that several boys that train in the same area as her were infatuated with her, though she has never shown any one of them more respect or kindness than any other one.


She was born in 3987, to Armand Styrke and an unknown mother who was killed in an attack by Deathbringer soon after. She lived and trained at House Styrke, until she turned sixteen, in 4003. Then, she had her Telling as was customary, and it sent her on a quest to slay Deathbringer in his citadel, which ultimately failed. She lost Arjuna, her closest friend, and when she returned, the village was attacked by Deathbringer and his children, who destroyed the village and castle, killing Armand and everyone else she had ever known.

She fled to House Solus, and along with its heir, Huo Lyall, explored the Dread Catacombs and slew Dreadfire. She then fended off an attack by Green Death along with Huo and Tectia, before settling down in House Solus. In 4005, she had gathered several friends that were mostly refugees from the war or other events, and they attempted to stop Deathbringer, who had summoned an army of Shadowlings and intended to rip Emiria apart.

Both Green Death and Red Fury, two of Deathbringer's children, turned against him, and in the final confrontation in Deathbringer's citadel, Taika Pyora, one of Hasina's new friends, cast a deadly spell that destroyed the citadel. Deathbringer is presumed to be dead, but all his children survived. Of Hasina's allies, only Nera remained alive at the end of the battle, and Hasina herself was taken prisoner by Red Death, another of the children.

In FictionEdit