House Korlath

Lord of the house

Tytos Korlath

Allegiance of the house

The King of the South

Castle or keep where the head of the house is situated

World's End




The ancient Korlaths were a tribe. The toughest and the strongest became the chief. The tribe stretched over most of the south. That all changed when the first Tytos Korlath decided he didn't want to give up his title. He crowned himself king, had a castle built, and had all of his enemies executed. He then began his domination of the south and the forcing of houses to pay fealty to him. Currently, Tytos III is the King of the South and hungers for domination of Emiria.


Tytos Korlath is the lord of the house and the King of the South.

Tytos' first wife has been dead for twenty years. His subsequent wife also died, and his current wife, Nalasa Korlath has locked herself in her castle room, permitting no one to come see her but her husband and her servants. It is a rumor that Tytos himself killed the first two wives in his rage and has driven the third one mad. Tytos demands the tongue of anyone who speaks such "foul lies".

Tytos' only son is a bastard. Often called the "Black Prince", his name is Drake South and is 19 years old. He was only acknowledged in 3998. Tytos will not legitimize him until he is sure that he will have no other sons.


House Korlath has been building up it's military since 4000. Currently it is rumored they have 80,000 men (of course including the houses of the south that have sworn fealty to them).

Wants and NeedsEdit

House Korlath looks to increase its lands. Tytos is bent on taking the title "King of Emiria". The Korlaths also have another problem. They do not have enough food stocked up to fuel a war effort, and only the edges of their border is fertile. Korlath looks to other realms, such as Zeotriegn for plunder and supplies.


House Korlath has begun expansion of its lands with the following places being attacked.

  • Balask. Balask was conquered with relative ease.
  • Zeotriegn. Korlath's forces at Zeotriegn were destroyed.