House Styrke

Lord/lady of the house

Hasina Styrke

Allegiance of the house

The King of the South

Castle or keep where the head of the house is situated

Castle Styrke



House Styrke was a small military house in the South of Emiria. It was destroyed in 4002 by Deathbringer and his newborn children.


Screenshot skirmish 3242529

House Styrke fought against House Malyion, but lost

House Styrke began as a small band of warriors. They were situated in the area on the south-west coast between the borders of the two current empires. When they first attempted to proceed north and west, they met the band of warriors that were House Malyion, and were defeated. The survivors headed south, gathering more followers. Eventually, they made a settlement near a small mountain in the south.

More passing travellers joined the settlement, and it expanded. They began to build a castle for their current leader, Aden Styrke, and named it after him. When the castle was finished, the huts began to be transformed into houses. They began to produce weapons and armour for the new settlers.

House styrke regional map

Map of the area around Styrke, and its location in Emiria

In the year 2035, the town suffered a devastating attack from Deathbringer. They gave him his name from the amount of people he killed, and he seems to like it, having kept the name.

It took over a decade to recover, but eventually they managed. In the year 2052, the town had their first encounter with a Rage Dragon. These proved to be helpful beasts, and a friendship was soon established.

Since then, the settlement has been slowly but steadily growing.

However, in 4002, Deathbringer, along with his children, finally gave up taunting House Styrke, and finished the job, completely destroying it. There were no survivors, except for Hasina Styrke, who escaped to House Solus in the West.


The previous leader of the House, Armand Styrke, had just one daughter, Hasina. She is eighteen years old (as of 4005), and his only heir, and therefore she would be Lady of the House, if it still existed. Not much about Armand's wife is known, other than she was killed in a raid by Deathbringer. Armand had no sons.


The defeat by House Malyion early in their history did not affected their military strength. Everyone over sixteen knew how to wield a sword and hold a shield, though only about 60% of those people were in the military.