House Wintrey

Lord of the house

Harle Wintrey

Allegiance of the house

The King of the North

Castle or keep where the head of the house is situated

Winter's Guard



House Wintrey is a noble house far to the north of Emiria.


House Wintrey have been the Kings of the North for many centuries. They were known for being hardy men, braving the cold of the north, and eventually making a kingdom there. House Wintrey is known to have ancient pacts with the Dwarf clans of the mountains, such as Ironhall. While only few dwarf clans pay the Wintreys fealty, most would fight beside them against such foes as the fearsome Frost Giants.

Only thrice has there ever been rebellion against the Wintreys, and all three attempts failed. The "northmen" are fiercely loyal to their king, and it takes the worst of circumstances to turn them against the Wintreys. Surprisingly, most Wintreys live for a long time. This is strange considering the harsh conditions they live in. The Wintreys have been known to boast that they are the hardiest and strongest warriors in the world.

Family AffairsEdit

The current lord of Winter's Guard is Harle Wintrey. He is presently 78 years of age and very sickly. Harle does not set foot outside his bedroom, relying only on his advisor to take messages to and from his chambers and deliver news of the outside world.

Harle's wife has been dead for ten years, killed in a raid while she was traveling south.

Harle's firstborn son, Jon, is 32 years of age, and is the heir to the throne.

Harle's second son is Halon Wintrey, and is 21.

Harle's only daughter, Katelyn Wintrey, is 17.

Harle's third born son and youngest child is Ryger Wintrey, a boy of 11.

Individuals in service to House WintreyEdit

  • Sir Dameon. A knight and captain or Prince Halon's personal guard.
  • Avner Eckhard. A knight in service to the House.
  • Jallus Reigin. A mercenary captain kept on due to his fighting prowess.
  • Trey Exanus. A warrior that serves as a bounty hunter for the royal family.