Hyaeners are the dominant predators in Dread Forest after the Ogros.


They can stand 1.5 metres high at the shoulder, and reach 2.5 metres long. They can weigh up to 250kg.

The head appears to be a skull was no flesh on it, but this is not so. The head is protected by natural armour made out of bone, giving this appearance. They have a short, tall head, with large jaws filled with sharp teeth jutting out in all directions. They have two long, curved horns protruding from the back of their heads, though they are curved so much that they point upwards.

They have a thick neck, and a mane of long, straggly hair. Their back is also covered in hair.

They have long, muscular front legs, ending in paws with three fingers, each tipped with a claw. They also have long hind legs, with three-clawed feet as well. There appears to be another claw at the knee, but it is in fact the ankle, as they have extremely long rear feet. The claw is their dew claw.

They have no tail.


They are carnivores. Their preferred method of hunting is to ambush prey, and then run it down, as can move extremely fast for relatively long distances. They tend to hunt in small packs.


  • Hyaener forestus: The more common subspecies, it lives in Dread Forest.
  • Hyaner frosticus: A less common subspecies which lives in the frostwood. The only noticeable difference between it and Dread Forest Hyaeners is that it is entirely covered in thick fur, instead of skin.