Jallus reigin by hideki

Jallus Reigin

Jallus Reigin is a soldier of House Wintrey, not a knight but a mercenary captain who remains in their service.


Tall (6'2"), gaunt, and ugly, Jallus covers himself with leather armour, with his band's insignia, and a Wintrey helm to disguise his face.

Scars are present all over his body, and his face is puckered and corrupted. He is missing two fingers on his left hand, and one of his eyes is blind.

He carries two halberds in combat.


Aggressive and demanding, Jallus often finds himself shouting at others or otherwise physically attacking them. He is cunning and cruel.

However, he is passionate, and is something of a hopeless romantic underneath.


Jallus was born in 3964, to a House Malyion soldier father and a noble mother. However, he fell in with bandits, and killed his parents accidentally one night while raiding their home town.

Unable to cope with his guilt, he fled and joined a mercenary group. He was always in control, even when freshly joined, so nothing much changed when he took over.

He has recently stayed with House Wintrey past his welcome, only permitted because of his fighting ability. Some say he has fallen in love with Astrid Hammerfist.