Human Wizard Warrior

Japeth going into battle

Japeth is a human Wizard. He was once a knight under the allegiance of House Malyion.


Japeth is a handsome human man, with short dark hair and deep blue eyes. He is clean-shaven.

Japeth generallly wears steel armor with bits of blue cloth attatched. He wields a shining sword and a rare adamantine shield.


Japeth is very strong with magic, although her normally prefers using normal weapons in battle. However, he has trained very heavily in self-healing spells, which aides him much in battle.


Although somewhat vain and arrogant, Japeth shows a kind and compassionate spirit. He is wracked with guilt related to the death of a friend.


Japeth was once a knight in the service of House Malyion. He fought many battles against evil creatures, and soon became one of the greatest knights in the land. When he was twenty-five, however, disaster struck.

Some Wizards are "late-bloomers": their powers manifest later in their life than normal, with much more explosive results. Japeth was unfortunately, one of those Wizards. After a victory against the Dark Elves, Japeth accidentally produced a white fire which incinerated a friend. Japeth was charged with murder, and banned from the land. After this, he made his way to the Wizard's Tower.