Kebijak are sapient dragons found throughout the realm of Draka.


Kebijak are small dragons, averaging lengths of only 64 centimeters or so. However, slightly larger lengths are not uncommon.

These creatures have large crests above the eyes and a row of spines running down the head and neck. Their color varies among individuals, with many different shades of green. They have large wings in proportion to their body size.

Habitat and BiologyEdit

In early times, Kebijak were native to the tropical rainforests, and always found near running water. Waterfalls were especially valuable to them, and still are today as purifying, magical regions. Now, the Kebijak can be found anywhere as advisors to important figures and deities.

Kebijak have varied diets. They eat primarily smaller creatures like insects and mice, but will also dine on fish and fruits.


The Kebijak are sapient, and communicate with many other races of Mythos. They are wise creatures and share their wisdom to chosen individuals. Many serve as advisors to kings.


When not working with other races, the Kebijak live in colonies in the rainforests, building dwellings out of branches. Each city is well organized and well defended.


Kebijak speak Sanaan, their native language. However, they will learn Common and other languages when advising others.

Magical SkillsEdit

Most Kebijak are capable of using magic, and use it for benevolent purposes. They are fond of using magical symbols, which are sometimes used in delivering knowledge to others.

Some individuals choose to become true Wizards.

In FictionEdit