A lich is a dark sorcerer who has made himself one of the Greater Dead. Because of this, the lich is immortal. Unlike a zombie or another undead controlled by a necromancer, the Greater Dead have self control. Other undead creatures are usually controlled by a necromancer or another dark magician. Liches are usually extremely evil and intelligent.


The first lich is unknown. However, many liches started appearing all over Mythos in the 0200s. The transformations of the lich was banned from Emiria in 2645. Lich magic was banned from Zeotriegn im 3060 Many other areas banned Lich magic after 3060. However, Lich magic is still secretly practised by a group of people known as "The Dark Lords".


Lich transformation is a very long progress and takes much patience. The first step is an extremely powerful and talented necromancer deciding what corpse he/she wants to revive. The necromancer then begins to bring life to the corpse, filling the body with its previous soul. This spell is so hard to use, it will cause most necromancer who do this to die. However, if they are able to do this, the soul is inside the body of the lich. This magic usually causes a flare in the corpse, burning all the organs and skin. Then, the necromancer binds the soul to the corpse. Finally, he/she reanimates the corpse. This makes the now living corpse immortal. The lich is now free.

Draconoid Hexanias

Self TransformationEdit

A powerful sorcerer named Draconoid Hexanias once tried to give himself the status of a lich. Draconoid was dying of a disease but he refused to believe he would die. So he tethered his soul to his body. Soon, he died. However, his soul was still alive in his body. This allowed him to reanimate himself, which caused him to transform into an immortal lich. However, the magic did cause a spontaneous combustion in his body, burning his skin and organs.