Magic is a form of arcane energy that exists on Mythos, as well as on many other worlds. It can be used by a special few individuals, called Wizards. Wizards also go under many different names such as Casters, Mages, Conjurers, and Warlocks, however Warlocks are more typically used to describe dark and evil Wizards.


Magic is a form of energy, a natural force. However, magic is different than other forces. It allows the user to make slight alterations to reality, allowing actions that would be otherwise impossible. For example, a Wizard could create a bolt of fire, or move an object with his or her mind.


People cannot become Wizards; they must be born with the ability to produce magic, or else they are not capable of using it. This ability is genetic. It is very rare for a person with no Wizard relatives to gain magical abilities.

Magical abilities first manifest in Wizards during the teenage years, triggered by new hormones. Male Wizards normally start showing indications of arcane potential at sixteen, and females at fourteen.

All Dragons can use magic, although some are stronger with it than others.


Spells are words in the Ancient language of magic that summon things or energies of magic. Different spells have different effects. For a list of Base Spells, click here.