Matilda and Arra

Matilda and Arra

Matilda is a female Dragon. She is one of the only draconic members of the order of Wizards in the history of Mythos. She is very close to a human female named Arra.


Matilda is a typical Western Dragon, with brass-colored scales and a couple of small horns. She has vast, leathery wings, and a great love of flying.


Matilda is kind and loving.


Matilda is particularly strong in Magic, a by-product of her draconic heritage. Her favorite spells are those which stun, rather than kill, her enemies. However, she is willing to use more lethal spells if necessary.


Matilda was abandoned by her parents, who left her as a hatchling on the edge of a mountain. However, a human farmer found her, and raised her for a number of years. Eventually, Matilda learned that she was adept with Magic, and joined the Wizards of Emiria. She soon met a human warrior named Arra. After the two of them had a quest together, they became close friends, and are now hardly ever apart.