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The Medieval Universes Timeline contains all dates for the foundation of kingdoms, the starting dates of wars, the ending dates of wars, and other things. Feel free to add dates. The current year is 4005.



0000---Mythos is formed

0001---The Alliance of Khongrr attempts to destroy Mythos, but is thwarted by Kalessaros the Black and the Great Dragons

0005---Orcs evolve.

0005---Reptilian races such as the Zolothot and Couatl evolve. They discover their magical abilities

0006---First Couatl city

0007---The first humans and alfa are produced, seemingly from smaller mammals as one of the lesser races. Alfa discover their magical abilities

0012---Arasolta is created in a fight between The First Walkers.

0013---Exor is sealed away by Neannu in Emirian mythology

0017---First Zolothot city, Haxecetl, built. Zolothot dominant in Emiria, force humanoid races into servitude

0027---Supposed year Moon Elves came into existence

0040--- Latent Magic is discovered in free humans and alfa; first humanoid magicians

0042---The Arokhviru Kingdom is created by Thyorvak Poltakeist and Hortghrar Goovair.

0047---Kalessaros the Black is sealed beneath the ground

0050---Olympia is founded

0069---Abyssal Fissure is banished to Beaghonho

0073---Sandcrawlers emerge in Yantheriol

0100---The first records of The Ancient Ones in Olympia are started

0101---The Ancient Ones start The Olympian War

0102---Arkatekkon is banished to limbo

0104---The Ancient Ones end The Olympian War, victorious. They establish The Seven States of Olympia

0112---The first Chimaera is sighted.

0116---Ironhall is founded by Olaf Stoneblade

0119---Ironhall faces its first attackers, a band of goblins

0174---Robin Goovair is born

0210---The Dawn War begins

0242---The Dawn War ends, creation of the Dracomancers and the Dragon Riders. Alfa dominant in Emiria, build great white cities with Dragon help

0248---Alfa cities such as Vanira and Shallia are built

0367---Thyorvak Poltakeist and Hortghrar Goovair die in a duel with each other fighting for the supremacy of the throne. Second Arokhvirian Era begin.

0440---Eros König is born in Dezlantes

0458---Proposal to ban Necromancy in Irisotha is denied.

0460---Emiria is founded

0460---Eros König is married to Saphire Haertmayer

0461---Eros König leaves his hometown with settlers to find a place to settle

0462---Emirion is founded by a tribe of men now known as House König

0511---Eros König dies

0589---First human settlements in Tyvarna

0780---The Dooming, arrival of the Dark Elves. Destruction of most Alfa cities


1020---The Dracons first appear and attack the Titan Dragons, but are defeated by Titanus

1020---Titanus fights Deathbringer

1253---House Wintrey is nothing more than a tribe of men

1467---Steffon Malyion crowns himself "King of Mythos" and starts expanding his empire. The Sky Fort is built

1491---Third Arokvhirian Era begins, started with the conquest of Walthraffhrein

1759---Moon Elves vanish


2035---First recorded attack by Deathbringer on House Styrke

2035---While Deathbringer attacks House Styrke, a group of men fleeing from the attack discover the island of Emirion and its inhabitants, House König. Oddly, this discovery goes unmentioned

2052---House Styrke's first encounter with a Rage Dragon

2091---Kingdoms of Tyros and Noldun founded in Tyvarna

2153---Wendel Malyion surrenders to the United Emiria Alliance and claims the title King of the West

2300---Approximate date of first clans in Veksca

2457---Alxed Voose was born

2489---Alxed Voose dies in an Order of Neannu asylum

2534---The Resistance are founded and begin to attack forces of The Ancient Ones

2546---The Resistance is attacked by The Ancient Ones in The War of Olympix

2547---The Resistance are forced to flee to the Descolox Desert

2690---Lichdom, Necromancy, and other such magic becomes popular in Emiria

2695---Lichdom, Necromancy, the Summoning of Demons, and other such magic is banned from Emiria

2945---The construction of the Zeotriegn Kingdom begins, ordered by King Alfred Enorax Zeotriegn the First

3000-Present DayEdit

3006---Winter's Guard is built and House Wintrey becomes a royal family

3045---The construction of the Kingdom of Zeotreign is completed

3046---Lichdom, Necromancy, and other such magic becomes popular in Zeotriegn

3048---Lichdom, Necromancy, and other such magic is banned from Zeotriegn

3049--In protest to the ban of dark magic, The Dark Lords are formed

3050---The last known Chimaera is killed

3050---The Dark Lords are banished to the Taboo

3412---Explorers from Emiria visit the Southern Jungles, and destroy a village of Junglemen

3456---Bjorn Hammerfist is born

3465---Beginnings of major exploration by men of Emiria

3467---House Rhenou founded.

3470---The fortresses of Karadra are built

3500---Vekscan raiders begin to attack the north coast of Tyvarna

3506---House Syrtur is founded. First trolls seen in Emira.

3520---The fortresses of Karadra are emptied, and taken over by the desert people

3614---Tyvarnan cataclysm, formation of the Crater and destruction of Lazeran kingdom

3663---Sven Hammerfist is born

3782---The Gateway is discovered, rumours spread quickly to other realms of a magical dimension full of riches

3787---Moon Elves rediscovered as the Crystal Guardians

3909---King Alfred Enorax Zeotriegn the Twelfth is born

3909---Zealot Hedroid is born

3915---House Meta is first attacked by a force from Tartarix with a series of raids

3927---Zealot Hedroid is sent to the military of Zeotriegn's Kingdom

3932---Tyros König is born

3933---Gladius König is born

3945---King Alfred Enorax Zeotriegn the Eleventh dies at the age of 67 from an unknown reason. His son, King Alfred Enorax Zeotriegn the Twelfth is crowned king at age 36

3953---The Night arrives at Draka and gains control of the land

3954---The War of Zeotriegn Beach takes place

3970---The new Dragon Riders are formed by Gladius König

3958---Astrid Hammerfist is born

3960---Alexandria Laflanza is born in Emiria

3964---Nova König and Nex König are born

3965---Katrina König is born in Zeotriegn

3969---Nex König is killed, along with his mother by Gladius König

3975---Katrina König escapes from Zeotriegn to Emiria

3975---Alexandria Laflanza is sent to live on a boat.

3976---The Gateway gets attacked by an army of 2.500 Doom Knights led by an Archlich

3977---Katrina König finds Emirion

3980---Titanus, one of the last Titan Dragons, was last seen by The Neck in Emiria

3985---Alexandria Laflanza is captured by the Olympians and trained as an assassin

3986---Alexandria Laflanza becomes the personal assassin of The Ancient Ones

3986---Trey Exanus is born from unknown parents

3986---Eros König IIV is born

3987---Camryn König is born

3987---Wirolyn is born

3987---Hasina Styrke is born

3995---Subuta takes control of Karadra

3998---The Gateway gets attacked for the second time, Void Stalkers abandon the portal

3999---The Gateway is desecrated with an army of 50.000 Doomlegion soldiers entering Beaghonho.

4000---Abyssal Fissure escapes Beaghonho as his son weakened the Lifeforge, now he roams Mythos destroying civilisations he encounters in search of a challenge

4002---Irisotha attacked by Ontakoth, Arokhviru Kingdom nearly faced extinction.

4003---The War of The Resistance begins

4003---House Styrke is destroyed by Deathbringer

4003---Emiria erupts into total war

4004---Trey Exanus begins his quest to find Titanus at Xenox

4004---Trey Exanus enters the Limbo after dying and is soon sent back out alive

4004--- Arkatekkon begins his journy out of the Limbo after four thousand years, going under the new name of Ico'nex hoping to cleanse his name of bad

4004---King Harle Wintrey of northern Emiria is murdered. His son Jon takes the throne.

4005---King Roger succumbs to poison from a southern assassin.

4005---Present day