A mermaid on a beach.

Mermaids are beautiful creatures that live in all of the major oceans of Mythos. They have the upper bodies of attractive young human women and the lower bodies of large fish.


Mermaids are chimaeric entities, half fish, half woman. Their upper bodies are bodies of female humans which are in all cases considered attractive. They are bare-breasted, as they have no need to cover themselves.

Their lower bodies are the tails of unknown fish.



A Merman

Once a year, Mermaids began to lay unfertilized eggs, which drift to the bottom of the ocean where they are fertilized by the hideous Mermen. Mermaids and Mermen never interact with one another.


Mermaids are usually kind and gentle creatures, if a bit flighty. They enjoy flirting with human sailors, sometimes to the point to where they kiss and caress the humans. Most Mermaid abhorr the idea of violence, choosing to flee from their enemies instead of fighting them.


Although it is rumored that some Mermaids eat lost sailors, it is just a myth. Their true diets only consist of small fish and aquatic plants.


There are many theories related to the origin of the Mermaids: some believe that they are natural entities, while others believe that they are unholy constructs. Mermaids claim that they do not remember their origins.