A Merman

Mermen are ugly aquatic creatures that live in the deep parts of the major oceans of Mythos. They do not look anything like their female counterparts, Mermaids.


Unlike Mermaids, their female counterparts, Mermen are not chimeric. They have five long, webbed fingers on each hand, and three smaller, but still webbed toes on each foot. They have small tail fins. Their backs are lined with highly toxic spikes that when contacted, will inject a poison that immediately causes the poisoned area to swell up. They have one eye on their foreheads. Long tentacles droop from their faces, covering their mouths.


After Mermaids fertilise their eggs and let them drop to the domains of Mermen, the Mermen quickly fertilise them. When the eggs hatch two different things can happen, either it hatches to be a male (Merman) and stays at the sea bottom or the egg hatches to be a female (Mermaid) and quickly swims up to the surface.


Mermen are very shy creatures. They usually hide in small caves. However, when Mermen are confronted, they attack wildly instead of fleeing. So it is safer to leave them alone, as they do not go out of their ways just to harm someone.


Mermen are omnivores. They feed off of small aquatic plants like sea weeds and algae. They also eat small fish like sardines.


As Mermen do not talk, it is hard to know what the origins of these creatures are, but it is presumed that like Mermaids, they do not remember their origins.