Minister Eldred is Armand Styrke's chief advisor.


Eldred rarely shows his feelings, instead giving the impression he has a mechanical brain capable of logical thought and nothing else. It is known he has a family, but he has not acknowledged relation with them in public, so the identity of his family remain unknown, especially as he never reveals his surname.


Eldred wears long, dark red robes rimmed with gold thread when in public. He has brown eyes and short brown hair.


Minister Eldred's grandfather was the sole survivor when Deathbringer wiped out the Order of Dragonslayer Knights. His father and himself were trained in arts learnt by the Order, and during Deathbringer's most recent attack on House Styrke, he tried to slay him. Unfortunately, he did not succeed, and was forced to reveal his plans for taking power of the House and using its warriors to make a new Order.

As punishment, Armand Styrke teleported him away to an unknown location along with Drabardi Sagar.


Eldred stays in a room in Castle Styrke. He has the room opposite Hasina Styrke.