Did you mean the Olympian goddess Mythos?

Mythos, also known as The World, is a vast place where men and other creatures live. Filled with many realms, The World is the great backdrop for where all the stories take place.


There are many realms in Mythos. Some are close to each other, some are very, very, far away. Some will interact with each other daily, some will never know that others are out there. The World is a vast place, a very vast place indeed.

Known RealmsEdit

  • Emirian continent:
    • Emiria: A vast realm filled with men, dwarves, and other civilizations. Much variety can be found here. Ruled by four different Kings.
    • Tyvarna: A large realm devastated by a past catastrophe.
    • Karadra: a turbulent kingdom in the Great Desert ruled by the nomadic Desert People.
    • Southern Jungles: A large region of tropical forest straddling Mythos' equator. Home to the Couatl.
    • Veksca: A region to the north-west inhabited by clans of raiders.
  • Zeotriegn: A smaller realm filled with men. Ruled by the benevolent King Zeotriegn.
  • Xenox: Xenox is very remote realm with many mountains covering it.
  • Draka: A large realm which harbors many dragons. It is fraught with many dangers in countless forms.
  • Olympia: A large realm ruled over by the mysterious group called The Ancient Ones, and their great army, The Empire. However, The Empire struggles to keep reign over Olympia as another force, The Resistance has been fighting back. War will soon arise.
  • Zorvath: A big realm with 3 biomes (snow, desert and regular). It is ruled by the Zarioth Empire which co-excists with a small Elven kingdom and several Dwarven clans. They have allied themselves with a type of Dragon called Draegens.
  • Arasolta: More of a realm cluster, most of these are ruled by the Arokhviru Kingdom. They were formerly ruled by the Elven Kingdoms.
  • Yantheriol: A realm with the only known location of Snow- and Sand Elves.
  • Malta: A small island realm vastly inhabited by Dark Elves.

Parallel PlanesEdit

Regions associate with Mythos, but not usually accessible from the other realms.