Neannu is the Goddess of Life in the Common Faith of Emiria. Neannu is often portrayed as a maternal figure, and is claimed to have given birth to all of Mythos.

Religious BackgroundEdit

In the religious book, The True Faith of Emiria, Neannu is the Goddess of Life who "gave birth to Mythos from her vast womb." Neannu is the Goddess which most mothers pray to when bearing a child. Neannu is a primarily maternal Goddess who "brings life to the good and the righteous." The True Faith of Emiria also states that Neannu has no heart for killing, and offers all the unrighteous over to her brother, the God of Death, Mortis. Mortis is a jealous God, and sometimes steals the lives of those who are good and righteous. Neannu does her best to protect her children but Mortis has been known to deceive her.

In the book Father Mortis, Neannu is shown to be a paranoid god. Father Mortis states that "For the goddess of good and life was not so, but instead the bane of greatness and progress... she took the world and halted it, fearing lest it change...". The book states that Neannu was paranoid, so she banished Mortis away, as she feared he would try to change her designs. Neannu's 'evil' is not stated by the book, but is assumed to be terrifiying by the worshippers of Mortis.


The description of Neannu from The True Faith of Emiria is this:

Neannu is a Goddess without equal. Her form is the form of the most beautiful women. Her beauty radiates off of her like the sun, so that one can not look at her straight on. Neannu's voice is soft as silk and warm as a spring. Neannu grants all wishes in the afterlife to those who have lived without sin and followed the Faith zealously. Her providence is that of none other, and she inspects every child before it is born.

History of NeannuEdit

The True Faith of Emiria states that Neannu has always been, along with her brother Mortis. It was a dark and lonely place when Neannu gave birth to Mythos. As she shaped the lands and waters of Mythos, she populated it with her creatures. Her brother, Mortis, dared to ruin it, so Neannu banished him to the far reaches of the dark realms, where he created his own twisted version of Mythos. The stars in the sky are Neannu looking down upon Mythos.