A necromancer

Necromancers are special magicians that can use a type of advanced animating magic known as Necromancy. Necromancy is a type of magic that can be used to reanimate and control a corpse or skeleton by placing one of The Dead in it.


Most Necromancers are humans, but a few have been liches, elves, and dark elves. Most Necromancers wear armor and capes decorated with bones, skulls, and other symbols of necromancy.


Most Necromancers are very intelligent, as necromancy is known to be one of the hardest types of magic.


It is unknown when Necromancers first became, but it most likely began around 2685. One of the first known Necromancers was Xraro the Raiser, who was also the first to realize that restless spirits were trapped in Hades. In 2695, Necromancy was banned from Emiria due to the chaos that could potentially be caused by immoral practicioners.

In 3048, Necromancy was banned from Zeotriegn. In protest, a group known as The Dark Lords forms. They were banished to the Taboo. There, they continued to practice necromancy freely.