An Ogro wearing shoulder armour

Ogros are brutish ogres native to Dread Forest and the surrounding area.


They have a large head reminiscent of theropod dinosaurs. The lower jaw juts out further than the upper jaw, so the sharp teeth are clearly visible. Tufts of thick hair grow on and underneath the chin, as well as a thick mane covering the neck and on top of the head too. They have bushy eyebrows, as well as a repulsive nose and large ears. Their sense of hearing is very good.

They have a thick, muscular chest and short, stocky legs which allow them to support such weight and muscle. They have relatively large, three-toed feet, each toe tipped with a claw. They have long, muscular arms and clawed hands with an opposable thumb for grasping objects.

They tend to wear scraps of clothing round the midriff and on the arms, and often have shoulder or torso armour. They can stand up to three metres (10ft) tall.


They are barely sapient, but are capable of producing armour and clothing, and can set ambushes. For weapons, they usually use clubs fashioned from tree trunks. Their tends to be little interaction between individuals other than to mate and hunt.


They are carnivorous and prey on smaller animals and sometimes humans.