• A typical Paladin wielding a battlehammer
  • Not all Paladins are male you know!
Paladins are knights that use special light magic in combat, while also using a melee weapon. Paladins are known to protect the world from darkness such as liches and necromancers.


Paladins usually carry swords or warhammers. They usually enchant these weapons with magic to boost the damage in combat.


Paladins use spells that are based on light. An example of this is the legendary Exorcism. Exorcism is a spell used by paladins to completely destroy an undead lifeform. The spell spontaneously combusts the target with light energies that have been shaken violently around the target. The result is a white-ish yellow flame that devours the target from the inside, out.


The features of a Paladin depends on the actual person, as they are still people. Most Paladins are male and female humans, however, some Paladins are dwarves or alfa.


Most suits of Paladin armour are ornate. They are usually composed of steel and bronze, however some small parts may contain gold.

Notable PaladinsEdit

Trey Exanus