Rage Dragons are benevolent Dragons native to Emiria.


Rage dragon
Rage Dragons are large, growing to fifteen to twenty metres long, and massing six tonnes, with a wingspan of up to forty metres.

The head is about two metres long, with large jaws filled with sharp teeth. Three spikes point downwards from the cheek, whereas larger horns extend backwards from the rear of the skull, protecting the neck and acting as a sort of frill.

It is spined right along its back to the end of its tail, where there is a large, leathery tail flap up to four metres long and two metres wide. This is the weakest part of the dragon and can be torn by a sword blow.

Its enormous wings are thick and leathery, with a spike at the end of each finger. They are covered with scales on the top side, but are leathery on the underside.

The scales of a Rage Dragon are extremely strong and durable, even more so on the underside of the neck. They can take multiple blows from most weapons.

Rage Dragons have four relatively short legs, ending in hands which look almost like scaly paws. They have three fingers and one opposable thumb, each tipped with a sharp claw.

They are capable of breathing fire, and their jets can be up to fifty metres long and over 1000 degrees centigrade.

Intelligence and PsychologyEdit

Rage Dragons are sapient, capable both of speaking their own language, and learning others. Their name is misleading; they are actually benign creatures unless threatened. This name is believed to have been given to them by the oldest of settlers who saw them attacking their prey.

They are very kind to humans and other sapients, often offering them rides on their back. They seek to help out in any way they can; one way of doing this is by slaying Wyrm Dragons that are troubling the settlers. The only known malign individual is Deathbringer.


They are carnivorous, but when hunting they try not to damage settlements or take prey from farms. If they need to, they will seek permission first. Often, Rage Dragons are willingly fed farm stock by people in nearby settlements.

Rage Dragon combatEdit

Combat with Rage Dragons is unnecessary due to their kindness, and would be pointless anyway. Their wings can withstand hammer blows, and their scales can take shots from catapults. They are highly magical beings and can use magic themselves, as well as being fireproof.


Rage Dragons are highly capable magicians. Their scales are resilient to most forms of magic anyway, and they are capable of making shields around them, to protect against both magic and physical attacks. In their magic they can use any of the four elements, and have also been observed using the power of the weather.