A fully armed Rollalus

Rollalus (plural Rollali), are giant ogres native to the Northern Grasslands of Zeotriegn .


Although Rollali hardly ever go anywhere fully armed and protected, they have been seen without their full body armour.

They have olive green skin on their body. They usually have no hair, although some Rollali have been seen with hair.

An odd thing that Rollali do is paint their hands to match the colour tone of a human. Nobody knows why they do this, but it might be to give the enemy the thoughts that the attacker is a human, as they cannot see the rest of the body because it is covered by armour.


Much like Frost Giants, they are sapient, but they don't always seem to be sapient.


Rollali believe that they were created to do one thing; protect the Grasslands of the North from anyone entering it. So far they do well, obliterating any lifeorm they see that is not a fellow Rollali.

Relationships with other RollaliEdit

Rollali always stay together. They live in camps set around the Northern Grasslands. Each camp usually contains about 6 Rollali. When they go hunting, two Rollali stay to guard the camp from intruders.

When two camps meet, they usually greet each other and even share foods.


Rollali eat any meat they see. They believe that all plants will kill you when eaten, just because all plants are not delectable. They eat all meats they can get their hands on. They eat ice chunks, too, but this is just for rehydration.


Rollali don't have the slightest idea what magic is.