Red Dragon


Scaleface is a red Dragon that lives in Emiria. He travels throughout the realm, never stopping long in any one place.


Scaleface is one of the larger dragons, standing at about forty feet tall. He is sixty feet long. His hide is red, and he has a couple of frills on his head, and spines running down his tail.


Scaleface has extremely powerful magic; some say he is the magical equal of forty highly trained Wizards.


Vain, arrogant, and proud, Scaleface believes that he is a God- or the next best thing. He holds much contempt for other entities.


A few hundred years ago, a female Dragon gave birth to Scaleface. It seems that his father was a half-Demon, meaning that Scaleface is one quarter Demon. This helps to explain his magical abilities and his great size.

Soon after he came of age, Scaleface began terrorizing villages and cities. To this day, he is feared all over the realm.