Silverclaw soaring through the air

Silverclaw is a large Dragon who lives in the northern mountains of Emiria. He is a mysterious individual, who is sometimes unexpectedly benevolent.


Fifty feet long and twenty feet tall, Silverclaw has shining silver scales. He has four yellow frills on his head: one on his crown, two on the sides of his head, and one on his chin. His arms and legs are somewhat shorter than normal, so he cannot run as fast. However, he spends most of his time gliding through the mountains, so this is not normally an issue.


Silverclaw uses his strong magic to good use, excelling in locating spells in particular. He has discovered one spell that no other Dragon can seem to replicate: once a week, he can teleport anywhere else in the world. This is straining, however, and he does not use it often.


As said before, Silverclaw is shrouded in enigma. From what has been observed, it seems he considers himself the guardian of the north, protecting towns from other Dragons while raiding livestock and precious metals stockpiles as his "payment."