Sir Dameon is an Emirian knight in service to House Wintrey. He is quite young, only 28 years old. Since getting his spurs, Dameon has pledged his life to protect The North and all who live in it.



Dameon at his father's grave.

Sir Dameon has long brown hair and a wispy mustache. He has light skin and disjointed nose from when it was broken. He is about 5.8 feet tall, and is skinny.

Sir Dameon's armor is basic chain-mail covered with a brown leather insignia of House Wintrey. His helmet is bronze, painted gold, and has one large spike on the top. Dameon was trained in the use of a long sword, but prefers a short sword and round shield. He is also well versed in archery.


Sir Dameon is a shy man, uncomfortable around people he is trying to impress. However, around his friends, he is a loud and boisterous as any. Loyal, and not afraid to die for his liege, Sir Dameon is one of the most trusted guardsman in the service of House Wintrey. He is in prince Halon's personal retinue of guards and he and the prince have become close friends. Dameon is not unintelligent, but he was not made to be a scholar. He can read and write but doesn't usually engage in it. Sir Dameon has been loyal to King Harle since he began his service to the Wintreys, but he is torn over whether to act against the King's advisor with prince Halon.


Sir Dameon was born in 3982. His mother died in childbirth, so his father cared for him for many years. Dameon's father had never gotten to fulfill his dream of being a knight, so he trained his son hard and pushed him onto the path of knighthood. Dameon did not want to be a knight until a certain incident occurred. Dameon was 13 and he and his father were traveling when a band of raiders fell on them. They took their food, money, supplies, and Dameon's father's life. They left Dameon to die on the side of the road with a blade wounds on his back. Luckily, a local painter took him in and fed and raised him to manhood, whereafter he journeyed to Winter's Guard to become a knight.

Currently he is the captain of prince Halon's retinue. He is shy and stutters around the princess Katelyn, but longs for a stronger woman even though she is quite beautiful. He has met the Dwarf princess Astrid Hammerfist a few times and thinks she is the strongest woman he has ever met. He thinks she is courageous, brave, and a warrior at heart. He is secretly in love with her, but does not voice his opinion to anyone so as not to bring the wroth of Trey Exanus, Winter's Guard's resident bounty hunter down on him. Every now and again he visits the site of his father's grave, one he made himself.