Sluhas are ogres that guard Deathbringer's Citadel.


They appear to be a cross between an insect and a tortoise. They have a large, hard shell that covers their back, allegedly made of dragon scales. Their skin and shell are a dull brown colour. They have two jointed, insectoid arms, with three fingers and an opposable thumb, and two jointed, insectoid legs with two-toed feet. They have an almost human face, but it is brown like the rest of the body, and has pointed ears.

They can be up to three metres (10ft) tall.


They are sapient, but not very bright. They are capable of basic speech, thought and battle strategy, but not much else. They have few, if any, emotions, and no family ties.


They feast on the bodies of those who they kill in the Citadel, but if there is no-one to kill, they will often go foraging or hunting in Dread Forest.


They rarely wear armour because they already have a shell, but sometimes wear leather caps. Their weapon of choice is an axe or mace, but they can use swords and spears as well.