The taboo

The volcanic forests of the Taboo

The Taboo is a large area in Zeotriegn. No humans roam the Taboo, as it is much to dangerous for most. This is with the exception of a group known as The Dark Lords . This group has several humans, but it is not fully made up of humans.


The Taboo is 263,696 square miles, 1/3 of the entire realm of Zeotriegn.


The name Taboo is named after the word Taboo which means "Forbidden or off-limits", as people from the Kingdom think off this land as a no-man's-land and see it as a spot that is completely off limits.


The climate of Taboo is usually about +10 degrees F than the rest of the realm. This is because of the massive volcanoes, all active, in the Taboo, are constantly emitting hot gases into the atmosphere, raising the temperature.

a close up on one of the volcanic craters of the Taboo


There are many dangerous lifeforms in the small land including;