The Dark Lords are a large group of necromancers, warlocks, and liches in the Taboo of Zeotriegn. They currently have about 500 members.

A young female member


The apperance of a member of the group obviously varies on who the member is. Members include Humans, Elves , and Dark Elves. However, all members wear a black robe covering most of their bodies. The reason is uknown.


The Dark Lords are a group of people in the realm of Zeotriegn that formed as a protest to the ban of Necromancy, Lich Magic, and other dark magic . They were banned to a land known as the Taboo, where they made a lair in a large cavern and began practicing these forbidden magics. They began using secret members of the organization that still lived in the Kingdom to recruit new members and send them to the lair in the Taboo. These new members were taught some of the dark magic. The purpose of recruiting new members is that when the organization has enough members, all the members will pitch in to make a giant undead army. They will use this army to attack the Kingdom. They then plan to cast a spell so powerful, that it will change about 2,000 people of the Kingdom. They will do this spell about 5 times, until the entire Kingdom is affected. They will then use this giant army and take over the rest of the realm.


They originated in 3049, the year after Lich magic and other dark magic was banned. In 3050, King Alfred Enorax the Second ordered that all members of the group must be banished to the Taboo. There, they trained there members, only about 30 at the time. However, secret members that still lived in the Kingdom recruited new members and escorted them to a cavern that acted as the secret lair for the school of necromancy. The Dark Lords continue to strive in their cavern lair in 4003.

Dark Lord

Apacamoid Necrosis, the current ruler of The Dark Lords


The last ruler of The Dark Lords was Apacamoid Necrosis , who came from a long line of necromancers that were in the group.

The current ruler is undecided.

The ruler is decided by everyone in the group. They decide who is the most powerful user of dark magic. This person is then known as the ruler by all in the group. The ruler's job is to make sure everyone is doing their job, or else he will "make sure it they do there work".

A new ruler is chosen every 100 years, or when the current ruler dies. However, the ruler hardly ever dies, as most rulers in the history of the group made themselves liches in a part of their lifetime.