An illustration of the great castle of the Kingdom

The Kingdom is a large kingdom in the realm of Zeotriegn . The kingdom has been ruled by the Zeotyne family since they founded the kingdom. The current ruler is King Alfred Zeotyne the Twelf. The Kingdom has about 10,000 people living in it.


The Kingdom was founded a long time ago, several hundred years ago, by Sir Alfred Enorax Zeotyne the First and his wife, Anastasia Zeotyne. They were a very rich couple and had so much money, they hired a crew of 6,000 workers to build their kingdom. The entire kingdom took 100 years to build, as it is 263,696 square miles of large buildings and homes. This kingdom is exactly 1/3 of the entire realm of Zeotriegn, another 1/3 the Taboo and the last 1/3 a combined measurement of the two grasslands of Zeotriegn (East and North grasslands).


The Kingdom has a quite large militia of knights and paladins . The military makes up 1/2 of the entire population of the Kingdom.