Tytos Korlath III
Tytos Korlath
 A painting of Tytos Korlath, king of southern Emiria.
Vital statistics
Title King
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction House Korlath/The King of the South
Status Alive
Location World's End

Tytos Korlath is the King of the South and the lord of House Korlath. He is 49 years old, and has one son.


Tytos is well built. Although not overly-muscular, he has not let his body go to waste during peacetime. He has gray hair that was once a fiery red in his youth. Tytos is more comfortable wearing his black armor than he is wearing clothing befitting a king.


People have described Tytos as cruel and malevolent in nature. He is a hard man and believes in a philosophy of justice for the strong. Tytos is not a believer in the gods. Tytos wishes to increase his lands and has been raising an army for 3 years now. The beginning of his conquest being Zeotriegn. Tytos is a man that does not forget wrongs done to him. He is perceived sometimes as paranoid and holds every grudge he can remember.


Tytos' first wife has been dead for twenty years. His subsequent wife also died, and his current wife, Nalasa Korlath has locked herself in her castle room, permitting no one to come see her but her husband and her servants. It is a rumor that Tytos himself killed the first two wives in his rage and has driven the third one mad. Tytos demands the tongue of anyone who speaks such "foul lies".

Tytos' only son is a bastard. Often called the "Black Prince", his name is Drake South and is 19 years old. He was only acknowledged in 3998. Tytos will not legitimize him until he is sure that he will have no other sons.

Although Tytos himself has denied this, it is widely believed that the female wizard Wirolyn is his illegitimate daughter born of a human prostitute.

In FictionEdit

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